Cajoling Your Muse

Overcoming a attitude and going “where the day takes you.”
By Elizabeth Cutright

The holidays have burglarized my time off. I’m missing those time outs, periods of self reflection, and that little extra moment when you take a deep breath and whisper “serenity now.”

Needless to say, I envisioned a more productive vacation. I’ll be the first to admit that was a tactical error. A mistake made from optimism and a sense of responsibility. I figured all those hours spent chained to my desk could be repurposed in some fashion. Instead, I’ve been on the road and distracted by wine trips, impromptu get together and my own sense of sloth.

But acknowledging the issue is the first step towards a recalibration, right? And plus, none of us want to emulate Jack Torrance in the Shining.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

So I think I’ll keep giving in to the devil on my shoulder for just another day or two. The angel can have free reign after that.

Hope you’re all having a more productive holiday than I am.
Happy almost New Years!


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