Inspiration is in the details…

Dominating Details Earlier this week, I practiced the art of specificity and came up with some interesting pieces of description.  Thanks to Julia Cameron, I was able to take everyday objects and meld them into something a little grander, a little more sublime. By applying specificity to Gary Hoffman’s “railroad ramble,” I captured a snapshot […]

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The Railroad Ramble Exercise

(Sidenote – if you want to see how this writing exercise evolved, please see my previous post about Gary Hoffman’s Writeful.) Under Picasso’s Gaze Taking a break from the every day shuffle and grind of my daily desk-bound vigil, I look around my office with new eyes.  On the personalized calendar from a friend, I […]

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Exploring “Writeful”

 Full-Brain Style and the Railroad Ramble Taking a break for a moment from those twin mentors Cameron and Lamott, I spent the morning with Gary Hoffman’s Writeful.  Hoffman’s book is a bit of a departure from the Right to Write and Bird by Bird in that he’s concerned less with convincing the reader to write […]

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Writing Tool: School Lunches

What’s for lunch? Yesterday I talked about the tool of specificity.  By looking closely at – and writing about – the details, we can often jumpstart the writing process and end up in a completely different place than where we started.  The benefit of specificity is that takes out some of the mystery of the […]

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Take a closer look

  A new goal for this week: look closer, dig deeper, find the details. When you’re not working on a big project (like a novel or a collection of poems), it can be difficult to get to the page and write something imaginative.  But sometimes even the most prosaic of situations or items can contain […]

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