Karma and Jedi Mind Tricks

This is/is not the blog you’re looking for. By Elizabeth Cutright I’ve been thinking a lot lately about karma and the African proverb Isak Dinesen quotes in Out of Africa, “When the gods want to punish you, they answer your prayers.” I can think of many (many!) times in life when a prayer left unanswered […]

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On the Road and Off-Page

The benefits and challenges of writing on the go. By Elizabeth Cutright Once again I find myself cruising in an unfamiliar rental car and living out of a “rolly-bag.” After long stretches of time without a side trip to some conference or convention, it always feels good to shake the wrinkles out of my suit, […]

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Hiding Out Is Not An Option

Lessons from a Hollywood Pin-Up By Elizabeth Cutright What are you not trying today? What are you too scared to attempt?  What intimidates you? Have the things that frighten or overwhelm you changed?  Did you once imagine yourself in another profession or leading a different life, one that now seems utterly improbable or impossible? I […]

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Messes, Mayhem and Creative Obstacles

Disorder and the uninspired writer. By Elizabeth Cutright Has this ever happened to you?  You’re driving somewhere new – perhaps looking for an address or rushing to an appointment – and as you circle up and down unfamiliar streets, you feel your stress level rising disproportionately to your circumstances.  You find yourself getting angry and […]

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A Map, A Compass and an eBook.

Roundups and quick takes from Galley Cat’s writer’s guides. By Elizabeth Cutright Some days you just want a prod or a poke.  Just one little tip or tool.  That one piece of advice or website suggestion to help you “start the process”…”make the move”…”turn over a new leaf.” I don’t know about you, but there’s […]

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Behind The Seams…

Crafts, Hobbies and the Crafty Consciousness By Elizabeth Cutright I have a confession to make…I never took Home Ec in high school. I was too busy being a nerd, spending all my time on the yearbook and the school newspaper while quietly pining after the dismissive jock who was in love with all my friends […]

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WWD: Writing While Distracted

How do you overcome scattered wits and compromised emotions? By Elizabeth Cutright This week I’ve been distracted.  Not only are all the usual issues of daily life tugging at my feet, but unanticipated events are also throwing me for a loop.  Unexpected lunch dates…Mis-calendared meetings (“you mean they’re waiting for me in the conference room […]

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Time. Audience. Content.

Interview With A Blogger (Part 2) (More from insight and inspiration from fellow bloggers) By Elizabeth Cutright As I first detailed in my previous blog (Interview With A Blogger, Part 1), near the end of last year I decided that after almost 12 months of blogging, I still had a few questions.  I wanted to […]

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