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The idea behind the Daily Creative Writer began with the vague idea that perhaps my creative journey could help others find their own path.  As I’ve explored and expanded my writerly ambitions, I’ve picked up some valuable tools and smart strategies I think are useful and inspiring. Most of all,  against all odds I’ve been able to craft a creative career as a writing professional, and I believe you can too!

So what can I tell you that you don’t already know? Probably not much, to be honest. I’ve been on this writer’s voyage for a while, and I passionately believe we are all in this together. Sometimes we can’t hear the message or learn the lesson until we see it at the right place at the right time coming from the right person or medium. I’m always searching for new insights or a better understanding of the world we live in and how to live the best writer’s life.

I’m an award-winning writer/editor with a passion for storytelling and 20 years of experience writing in all types of formats and styles, from fiction to poetry to newspapers and corporate blogs. I’ve edited books and created websites for small businesses. I was the Marketing and Communications Manager for the UCSB Music Department, and I also edited two nationally syndicated trade journals, covered local politics for Goleta’s Valley Voice newspaper, and pinch-hit whenever my friends need help with their resumes, projects, and novels.

But most of all, I love stories: hearing them, telling them, writing them…I am always on the lookout for tall tales, urban legends, interesting anecdotes, and the types of stories capable of triggering that ever-elusive combination of familiarity and fascination. This love of story is what made my job as an Editor such a delight. I enjoy the thrill of combining my astute narrative sensibilities with the raw talent and creativity of aspiring writers to shepherd their content to its most optimal incarnation.

In addition to being a writer and marketing professional, I’m also a film school grad with a law degree from the University of San Diego who love My Cousin Vinny but still hasn’t seen Twelve Angry Men. When I’m not hunting down the next hot topic, I can be found logging miles in the pool, hiking local trails, sampling Santa Barbara’s finest vintages with friends and family.

For a more detailed discussion, check out The Daily Creative Writer tab.

Happy Writing!


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    1. Thanks for the awesomely kind words about the blog! I’ve been avoiding the page myself these days, so thanks for lighting a fire on my butt and inspiring me to start writing again. Cheers!

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