Playing with Sound

Orchestra for Spring By Elizabeth Cutright The loon’s song wafts And the plane engines rumble. Hammers yell in the distance, While jazz sneaks out an open window. Bamboo rustles with the breeze. A dog’s bark fades in and out. Crows and seagulls argue, And the church bells begin to chime. The cat’s muffled footfalls Stir […]

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Revisiting and Revising

College Grad and Credit Deadbeat By Elizabeth Cutright (Excerpted from Credit Monsters a novella in progress) She was on to them.  Figured out their game.  So many things gave them away: the air filled pause, the prerecorded voice asking her to {please stay on the line for an important message,” and the most obvious of all…they […]

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Narrative Dialogue

It (Doesn’t) Go Without Saying By Elizabeth Cutright (Excerpted from East Junction, a novel in progress) Richard Pale squinted out from under his Bruins baseball hat at the solitary figure of his only son, Danny Pale, intermittently pitching golf balls into the wasteland of the desert. Wasteful and rebellious as always, this strange son who belonged […]

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Gender Swap

The Shallows and the Deep By Elizabeth Cutright (Excerpted from East Junction, a novel in progress) His heart still pounded when he remembered the call. He’d recognized her voice right away. When someone haunts your dreams, it is easy to remember what they sound like. Especially when the echo of their farewell still reverberates in […]

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Expository Prose

Murder in the Desert By Elizabeth Cutright (Excerpted from “East Junction” – a novel in progress) Sheriff?” Bernice Pale’s voice crackled over the car radio, the static initially masking the tone of her voice.  At first, Sheriff Lance Waddell thought she was just a little early for the hourly radio check in. Sixty years old […]

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Celebrate Weirdness

The Bats of Old Jaffa It was midway through our evening – after we’d already strolled along the Tel Aviv waterfront at sunset and scrambled up the slightly steep, definitely historic, steps to the peak of Jaffa – when we were introduced to the bats of the old city.  The sound hit us first: a […]

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Creative Nonfiction

  Wine Tasting in Paso Robles By Elizabeth Cutright It was a last minute decision based on a coastline socked in with fog and the availability of a spacious minivan able to hold up to eight wine loving ladies. We’d all travelled to Cambria – a woodsy artist community on California’s central coast located about […]

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Setting a scene

The Dining Car By Elizabeth Cutright The train is filled with a crazy mix of tourists, business people, government employees and French and English passengers. The first class dining car is decorated in the style of the orient express with red velvet upholstery and walnut tables and trim. At one table sit Melissa and Albert, […]

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Fight your fear of poetry.

Pebble In My Shoe By Elizabeth Cutright Well, I guess you’ve now become, a little pebble in my shoe. So you’d think that every step I take, would bring me images of you. I admit, sometimes you surround me. When it’s quiet, I might hear your voice. But the pinch and the ache grow familiar, […]

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