Playing with Sound

風鈴 Wind chimes, display in street in front of ...

Orchestra for Spring
By Elizabeth Cutright

The loon’s song wafts
And the plane engines rumble.
Hammers yell in the distance,
While jazz sneaks out an open window.

Bamboo rustles with the breeze.
A dog’s bark fades in and out.
Crows and seagulls argue,
And the church bells begin to chime.

The cat’s muffled footfalls
Stir the nesting finches.
Car alarms bleat and twitter,
While a worker’s yells slides by unnoticed.

The ringing of a lonely telephone
Melds with the wind chime’s lazy song.
And the afternoon sounds swell and swoon;
An orchestra for spring.

My wine glass clinks on the tile tabletop,
Two more sips and it’ll be gone.
My pens scratches words on a white page;
A tiny coda to the song.

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