Start Paying Attention

Looking at the world with specificity, compassion and purpose will improve your writing. By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer My friend’s toddler has it the “what” stage.  “What’s that momma?” she asks, pointing at, in no particular order, sea shells, abandoned hubcaps, hot chocolate…another toddler’s toy.   The questions, my friend admits, have […]

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Who’s your audience?

By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer Writing from the nooks and crannies again today since I’m still on the road. As I’ve been conducting meet-and-greets and interviews, the big question that keeps being asked is “who’s your reader?” It’s a tricky business, focusing on who’s consuming your content rather than the content […]

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Writing on the go

By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer Schedules. Time tables. Punch cards. Alarm clocks. Measuring hours and segmenting our days can sometimes feel counterproductive to the creative spirit. “How am I supposed to get anything done when I’ve got so much to do!”. We dream of long stretches of uninterrupted time when we […]

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The Expected and the Sublime

Finding Transcendence in Sevilla By Elizabeth Cutright The church bells just chimed in the witching hour, and the buildings across the river are basking in the golden glow of sunset.  It’ the eventide and I’m feeling melancholy – no quite sad, not quite lonely, just sort of poetically alone.  But the night feel pregnant with […]

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Travel Memories

Bulldogs And My Grandmother’s Ghost By Elizabeth Cutright To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world.  You are surrounded by adventure.  You have no idea what is in store for you, but you will, if you are wise and know the art of travel, let […]

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