Ruffled Feathers

Writing on a Desperado Monday By Elizabeth Cutright We’ve all had those days…times when just about everything and everyone annoys us.  Perhaps we find ourselves getting unaccountably or irrationally angry over little things – a Facebook posting, coworkers gossiping loudly about the weekend, a cold and cloudy atmosphere where, in the words of the Eagles, […]

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(Sorry for the quick and dirty post.  I’ve been felled by that master villan The Stomach Flu, and prolonged sessions at the keyboard are just not in my immediate future.  I hope to be on the mend soon, in the meantime, I’ll be trying to keep up with short updates here when I can.)     […]

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Stealing Time and Mining Material

Memory Triggers By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer The scent of fallen pine needles cooking under a summer sun. Stretching my hands up over my head on a lazy Sunday morning. The guitar riff in Chris Isaak’s “Graduation Day.” These are some of my memory triggers – benign and, perhaps, banal little […]

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