In Remembrance

To Me, You Will Always Be (for CH, who lost Doc on 01/01/1999) By Elizabeth Cutright To me, you will always be… running after rocks, and chasing your own tail; that goofy smile across your face, pawing me in a muddy embrace. To me, you will always be… the one that was up for anything […]

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Screenplays & Opening Scenes

Opening Scene to Whistling in the Graveyard By Elizabeth Cutright FADE IN: Interior: BEDROOM-6:00am The red numbers of a digital alarm clock read 5:59 am. As they click over to 6:00 am, the radio turns on and Tom Petty’s “American Girl” blares out, tinny and scratchy over the radio’s tiny speaker. A tanned, androgynous hand […]

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What Gets You Writing?

Today I was working again with Julia Cameron‘s The Right to Write, and the exercise was all about “freestyling” on the topics and genres that would be fun to write about if you were just writing for the enjoyment of the process and not the end goal.  Of course writing should be a joy – those […]

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