Life as a starting point.

Robots and Dinosaurs (From Come As You Are, a novel in progress) By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer Hannah softly finished off the last verse of Old MacDonald had a Farm as her baby brother’s eyes fluttered closed. Fussy all day – probably due to all the cooing and cuddling as he […]

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Let your character tell the story.

Contrasts and Comparisons By Elizabeth Cutright (Excerpted from East Junction, a novel in progress) It was the sort of exhaustion that takes over your entire body – wrapping you up in a gossamer web of steely threads.  Gillian felt paralyzed, and she knew it had more to do with emotional exertions than anything overtly physical.  […]

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Character Introductions

The Fuse is Lit By Elizabeth Cutright (Excerpted from East Junction, a novel in progress) He never could get used to the relative quiet of the newsroom.  Although he’d never actually worked at any of the “big time” newspapers, his first memories as a journalist always included the roar of the presses, not the hum of […]

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Narrative Dialogue

It (Doesn’t) Go Without Saying By Elizabeth Cutright (Excerpted from East Junction, a novel in progress) Richard Pale squinted out from under his Bruins baseball hat at the solitary figure of his only son, Danny Pale, intermittently pitching golf balls into the wasteland of the desert. Wasteful and rebellious as always, this strange son who belonged […]

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