Artist’s Breaks

Just a short little note today about the importance of breaks. Just like the rhythms in your writing, your writing life ebbs and flows. Sometimes you feel like you can write through the night. Sometimes just one sentence can seem like a Bataan death march.

It’s okay to ease up from the throttle once in a while. After all, if you’re always plowing forward, full-steam-ahead, you can’t appreciate the milestones and benchmarks you hit along the way. Just like a hike up a mountain trail is more enjoyable when you stop once and a while to catch your breath and check out the landscape, so too can your writing benefit from a pause, a step back, a moment-of-rest.

I’m on the road right now for work (hello Seattle!), and that means I’m on a bit of an enforced break from my non-work endeavors, including this blog. It’s a bit scary to leave the page right when I feel like I’ve hit my stride, but I’m learning to cultivate some faith in myself. I trust I’ll return to linger entries once I’m back in familiar surroundings.

Until then, I’m going to treat this sojourn as an “Artist’s Break,” and let the sights and sounds of travel fill up my creative well.



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