Buzzing past the caution tape.

Moving at the Speed of Life … (Photo credit: д§mд)

By Elizabeth Cutright
© 2012 The Daily Creative Writer

Well then…there ya go.

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the need to respect the value of solitude and downtime. I’ve also talked about how there’ve been times when life’s taken matters into its own hands, like the flu that always manages to sideline me after weeks of nonstop activity.

But today’s event trumps them all. While rushing to get as much done as I could in my 60-minute lunch break (errands, work out, meal prep), I managed to stab myself with a knife trying to free a Trader Joe’s salad from its plastic confines. One look at the wound and my girl scout training kicked in…direct pressure, elevation, and a trip to the doctor’s office for some stitches.

Two hours later, here I am – big purple gauze immobilizing my thumb, and the awareness that I’ve been ignoring too many of the warning signs for too long – running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to do everything, please everyone, while simultaneously rushing headlong into my larger goals and ambitions.

So here’s my short, sweet, off-the-cuff poem that I hope broadcasts loud and clear to the powers that be that yes…. – I get it!


Life In The Slow Lane

“Slow down,” says Life, a serrated knife poised and ready.

(And still I keep on running)


“You’d better reign it in,” warns Life, tightening its grip.

(And still I race on by)


“It’s time to put the breaks on,” pleads Life, blade gleaming as it aims.

(And still I can’t stop to listen)


“You can keep going forever,” cautions Life, slashing at the air.

(But still I venture onward)


“Don’t make me hurt you,” Life beseeches,

scalpel sharp, I barely feel the cut.

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