Filling Up the Well

Photo by Elizabeth Cutright, Copyright The Daily Creative Writer, All Rights Reserved

Pumpkins, Costumes and Autumn’s Opportunities

By Elizabeth Cutright
© 2012 The Daily Creative Writer


The  weekend’s almost here, bringing with it the last holiday of summer and the start of one of my favorite season.  I love the Fall.  The idea that it’s time to reap what you’ve sown….time to gather up the fruits of your labor…time to sit around and sip some wine and watch the leaves change.


Autumn also means Halloween and first days of school and pumpkin pie.  It’s all about dressing up for that first day on campus or that recon mission through your neighborhood for mini candy bars and bag of candy corn.  And, for me and mine, it’s a time of traditions.  During the fall we go to local festivals and splurge on lemon ice cream and bread pudding.  From September through the middle part of November, we know to set aside time for a trip to the pumpkin patch, a lazy Sunday drive up to Santa Barbara wine country, and a (surprisingly stressful) journey through our local corn maze.  We carve pumpkins and plan out costumes and make elaborate plans to knit scarves, bottle preserves or start a book club or quilting bee.


So even though Autumn is the time when fields are left fallow, trees start to shed their greenest finery, and the days grow incrementally shorter, I always associate this particular change of seasons with creativity and mystery.  Time to make things and bake things, including plots and projects.  Time to sit and stare out at the dusk, watching the evening stars pop up on the horizon and plan and ruminate over what’s happened so far and what’s still waiting ‘round the next bend.
I’ll be taking the next few days off for some grand holiday adventures.  A last gasp of summer so to speak.  I’ll be baking in hot sun and reveling in my own costumed role as “Auntie Liz” to a couple of the coolest kids I know.  I’ll come back full of stories about the grandest canyons, the widest rivers, and the delight in enjoying the ride as much as the destination.


Until then – enjoy your holiday if you can.  Travel safe if you’re heading out.  And try to carve out some time for dreams and fancies and filling up the well!


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