Daily Life in the New Media Landscape

What it means to be a “web content creator.”
By Elizabeth Cutright

Just a quick post today.  The holidays are looming and I think for a lot of us the next few days will be “dead zones” where we do just enough to get by.  Yesterday, I suggested that sticking to some semblance of a writing routine can get you through the holidays, but breaks from routine can – paradoxically – be equally important.

If you’ve got a moment, I highly encourage you to check out Matt Inman’s site, The Oatmeal.

His most recent entry, “Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web”  (from which I’ve borrowed a panel for the opening photo of this post), is all about creating content for the web.  This is a relatively new career option, and most of us are still trying to find the right balance between open schedules, content creation, community, feedback and inspiration. Inman covers all those bases and more…follow the link to see how many freelancers, editors, graphic designers and other member of the “new media” fill their days and earn their paychecks.


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