On The Move…


There’s a bit of dust up ahead for the Daily Creative Writer…I’ll be spending the next few days amongst boxes and U-haul trucks, repeating Garrison Keillor‘s mantra that “nothing bad ever happens to a writer, it’s all material.”
In the meantime – here’s a poem based on some recent “material.”

Private Validations

Cowards hiding behind smiles,
cloaked in feigned ineptitude,
agenda strapped firmly to your back.

You immerse yourself in platitudes,
fortified by contrived excuses.
The golden ring held firmly in your sights.

A wall of words and worthless sound.
You do it “cos you can”
Shrugging at consequence.

Head aimed at the horizon,
Justice rolls off you
like water gliding down a fowl’s back.

Secure, as always, in private validations.

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