TruthSilenceLieDCWDue to harassment online, I was forced to remove the content that originally appeared on this blog post.

As a writer, it pains me to censor my work – especially when one of the most important goals of The Daily Creative Writer is to encourage other aspiring creatives to fearlessly express their thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. In this particular instance, I felt it would be better for everyone involved to acquiesce to someone who seemed set on having their way. I worried the bullying and harassment would not only continue, but would escalate and – honestly – I made a conscious choice to step away from the negativity threatening to take over this blog and ultimately forcing me to pull all my content.

Of course, I will have to harness my own courage in the coming weeks when I sit back down to the page to continue on this daily creative journey. I hope this storm has passed and that I will be able to write freely without the threat of continued bullying.

For all of you – many hundreds if the WordPress analytics are to be believed – who clicked the original content, I am so happy you visited the blog and took the time to read what I wrote. For those of you who are just arriving now, please take heart – I may have been bullied, but I will be back here, writing and bleeding on the page, just like Hemmingway would’ve wanted.


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3 thoughts on “Silenced

  1. I read this with a heavy heart. I did not see your original post, wish I had. However, I’m not sure taking the post down is what I would have done. Refuse to engage or better still, make a statement that because of said comments, you have turned off the comments. I find it so interesting that people can no longer hold a civil discourse and have a healthy debate rather than slinging mud. I think it is far pass the time, we take our muzzles off. Thanks you for sharing. @sheilagood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

    1. Hi Sheila – thanks so much for your comments!
      My initial instincts were exactly like yours. I actually did add an addendum to the original post at first, and removed the quote that sparked the outrage, but that did not placate this individual.
      Unfortunately this situation spilled over into “real life” in ways that began to make me feel uncomfortable (including messages being forwarded to my private email). I felt it was better to capitulate in this instance because the individual seemed unwilling to let it go and they could also cause trouble for friends of mine who must deal with this person every day.
      Sometimes the fire of indignation can keep building until it explodes, and though I feel strongly about free speech and not giving in to bullies, I was also wasting a lot of energy on one sad person who seemed more than willing to continue on this path of harassment.
      Thanks for your support – I’ve received a lot of words of encouragement online and off, so in that sense I may have lost the battle but won the war.

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