Dealing with Failure

When you’re starting out on a new adventure, trial and error are to be expected and you need to prepare yourself for some missteps and blunders. Instead of focusing on perfection and lamenting your mistakes, why not put extra effort into learning from your errors and finding a way to grow success from failure.

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Lessons learned and the art of the grade school diorama. By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer Did you ever make a diorama as part of a school project?  How lovely to distill an entire event or story into something the size of a shoebox.  You’d carefully paint that agnostic background – trees, […]

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Why Try?

NaNoWrMo is bigger than 50,000 words. By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer Why did I decide to attempt the NaNoWrMo project?  That’s a good question.  While I’ve always harbored fantasies of being a published novelist, the truth is that it’s been a while since a long-form narrative has sounded appealing.  My life […]

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Interview With a Vampire-Maker

Anne Rice’s advise to young writers. By Elizabeth Cutright “You have to ignore critics. Critics are a dime a dozen. Writers are unique.” Anne Rice I was not yet 21 when Anne Rice made a book-signing appearance at our local bookstore the Earthling (moment of silence, please, in memory of great urban bookstore lost to […]

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New Seats and Bigger Challenges

How “new media” is expanding opportunity. By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer Last week, I attended an event put on by Folio entitled “Amplifying Your Brand.”  The purpose of the event was to introduce magazines editors to the challenges and opportunities provided by the changing media landscape – including CMS, cloud computing, social […]

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