Amplifying visions, shaking the tree of dreams…

Dreams Deferred By Design

A short entry today in light of a Monday that’s been short on accomplishments but long on annoyances.  You know those days…you spin your wheels, you grit your teeth and the clock moves at a glacial pace except for when it zips by too fast for you to catch up.  You’re left hanging with not enough checkmarks on your “to do” list and way too many reasons to wish you’d just stayed in bed, hiding out under the covers.

So here’s quick little poem based on a nonsensical dream.  The vision was prettier and more surreal than I was able to capture, but I think I got the sentiment just about right.

Dreaming of the Nile

We were in Italy, with a mystery.
You took my hand.
So comfortable and sane, but
no truth existed in the reflection.

There was a girl with warm brown eyes.
She offered us a song.
A melody about a lightning bolt, but
even she knew it was a lie.

A fountain flowed in the piazza,
amplifying the afternoon sun.
Sparkling stars in a cool spray, and
for a instant – heaven.

The police siren snapped like whiplash.
Killing the moment,
breaking our silence, and clearing the smoke.
In waking life, it hurt to see.

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