You Are Your Stories

Through creative writing and storytelling, you can endeavor to increase your audience’s appreciation and acceptance of different people, different cultures and different lifestyles. And that altered viewpoint or perception can spark empathy and promote tolerance.

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Mad-Hatted Mischief

Online, your audience is only limited by your bandwidth

But sometimes, just when you’re prepared to take down a trolling commentator or other various troglodytes, the comments streams overwhelms you. Could all these people really believe the idiotic things they’re writing? Could there really be this many racist, homophobe misogynist ass-wipes in the world?

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Eavesdropping and Dialogue

Breakfast at Kerouac’s By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer “Yeah, yeah, yeah” the guy with the faded orange t-shirt nodded enthusiastically as his tablemate pulled out a shiny new paperback and set it on the table between them, barely missing the rings of cold coffee and spilled sugar.  “Oh yeah!  I mean […]

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A Murder Mystery

In The Shadow of the Clocktower By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer A shining beacon and popular tourist attraction during the day, the Santa Barbara Courthouse can seem melancholy, almost ominous at dusk.  As lawyers, clerks, defendants and investigators pack up their work day and head on home, shadows soak out across […]

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