A second try – a hope the spammers don’t attack.

Special note – my blogs are getting copied and reposted all over the internet without my consent and without attribution.  This post was originally uploaded earlier in the week, but I had to remove it in an attempt to thwart all the plagiarizers.  If I can find a solution, I’ll post an update.

Speaking in Tongues


Update – the spammers have struck again – I will have to pull this content indefinitely.  I have to say that I’m really disappointed in WordPress at the moment.  They supply an “autoblogging” plugin that allows other sites to automatically post your content on their blog – often without attribution.  These sites are really shady – many of them are spammers or associated with spammers – and they are not places you want your content to appear.


Here’s a list of the websites that are stealing my content.  If I find a solution, I will post it here.












By Elizabeth Cutright
© 2012 The Daily Creative Writer


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