Graveyard Digging

By Elizabeth Cutright © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer Sometimes the past can rear up unexpectedly and slap you in the face (or knock you on your ass). When that happens – when your history arrives unannounced and sets up camp in your present – I find it helpful to remember the words of Garrison […]

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Tackling Tricky Little Ideas

By Elizabeth Cutright  © 2012 The Daily Creative Writer Another hectic Monday and I don’t when I’m going to find the time to write (beyond my daily morning pages, of course!).  Catching up after a week out of the office means meetings and emails…so many, many emails. Life goes on, and the pace only quickens […]

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Different Differences

Dusty Differences By Elizabeth Cutright The dusty grime of city streets Secret alleyways Twisting lanes and Cobblestones wet with rain. A nostalgia for what never-was The never-meant-to-be. The “yeah whatever.” What do I know… It’s another life Possible and not, Sometimes hard to tell the difference between the differences. (May 24, 2012)   All Content […]

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Constructed Realities

The Garden By Elizabeth Cutright I’ve built myself a garden, and on the surface it’s quite beautiful (as you can plainly see) I think the ivy covers the wall quite nicely – don’t you? If you look closer you’ll see the flowers are made of paper (and you thought I had no skill) Nevertheless I […]

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